Creating looks with virtual sets willsave you time and money.

Computer-generated imagery. Most people mistakenly think it’s prohibitively expensive. But when you consider that Ivie can virtually eliminate the costs of shipping products from the manufacturer, travel for on-site art direction and expensive set fabrication, modifications and storage, the true savings of CGI become perfectly clear.

Looks that last.

Traditional on-set photography requires a tremendous amount of time, preparation and resources — and once those sets are struck, the shot is gone forever. But Ivie’s CGI services extend the useful life of your sets and your photography, enabling you to quickly set up, re-purpose or reuse sets and change out products at any time.

In the Details
Props, backgrounds, styling, lighting — CGI makes it easy to finesse all the little details that breathe life into your photos.

The right light...and on demand.

Why pay photo crews to stand around waiting for the weather to clear? Or assemble before dawn in some faraway, remote location hoping to capture the right light? When you use CGI, neither weather nor lighting is ever a barrier to a great shot.

We give you the ability to manipulate light, shadows and the elements any way you see fit, making the light as bright, dark, moody or dramatic as the shot needs it to be — any time of the day or night, any season, on demand.

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